Reiki is a Japanese technique used to generate deep relaxation and well-being.


This technique, applied with a gentle touch of the hands on the body of the receiver, allows the Reiki energy to flow like water, dissolving tensions and toxins and generating a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Two types of Reiki treatments

Hands-on treatment

A popular treatment!
This type of treatment is the best because the receiver takes the time to relax and receive the healing energy. The treatment stimulates the energy in the body and flows clearing and balancing, generating the perfect harmony of body and mind.  

​The duration of this treatment is 1½ hr. 

With the right protection against the Covid19 recommended by the RIVM, I am giving the treatments with face-mask and proper ventilation for the room.


Distance healing

​The second type of treatment consists of sending healing energy to the receiver across time and space. In other words, from the comfort of my home, I send Reiki to the receiver, who can be hundreds of kilometres away.

This concept may sound strange, maybe a bit mystical or very exoteric, but it is not.  The power of the mind integrated with matter is becoming more self-evident as thousands of people continue to grow aware that healing takes place in more than a physical level.  If we believe in the power of a positive mindset, or the power of the prayer, then we may also consider the healing power of distance healing.
An advantage of this treatment is that it takes place in the comfort of the receiver home. At the agreed time, the receiver lays comfortably and is ready to receive the healing energy.

The duration of this treatment is 15mn. 

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 Choose a treatment and let the magic of Reiki
do the rest!
“Thank you Aleyda for the Distance Healing reiki sessions.
Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 10 years ago, I stopped with the prescribed medications 3 years ago. 
I was struggling to find my inner balance. The Reiki Distance Healing sessions have helped me a lot with this and I’m very grateful to you.
                                                   - René -

Aleyda Santos

Shihan Kaku, Jikiden REIKI
Teacher & practitioner, Usui REIKI System


The Hague, Netherlands 


+31-(0)6 12 24 86 92
E-mail: info@jikidenreiki-station.com


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