A Shoden Seminar is an introduction to the practice of Reiki, a natural healing technique originally from Japan.
The Shoden level teaches you how to experience the energy and its benefits in your physical and emotional body.


Through the history of Reiki, you will learn about the Legacy that Usui Sensei, founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho, left for us to learn and share.

During the Shoden Seminar, you will learn:


  • The meaning of  Reiki.

  • About the Gokai, the legacy of Usui Sensei, and the Five Principles of Reiki that guides us in our daily life 

  • You will receive three Reiju during the two days seminar. A Reiju is an energy alignment, given by way of a small ceremony, which attunes your energy and activates your healing abilities.

  • The concept of Byosen which is the perception of the energy and its experience different flows.

  • Review some basic concept of anatomy and the holistic approach of the Reiki treatment.


By the end of the weekend, you will be comfortable with the practice, you will know how to give yourself a self-treatment and how to treat others.


The Shoden level teaches you to be in contact with yourself.


You will receive a textbook and the certificate in English and in Japanese issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute. You will also get a Jikiden Reiki record card to give you access to any Jikiden events held by a member of our extensive worldwide network of Jikiden Reiki practitioners.


The seminar takes place over a weekend and costs € 250.-

Shoden students are registered in the Jikiden Reiki Institute, based in Kyoto, Japan, and their name is placed on the Jikiden Reiki Website.


Sign-up from here for this fascinating experience, or contact me to organise a week-end attunement at another date more convenient for you. This is possible for as long as there is a minimum of 2 participants.

In addition to English, I can also conduct the Seminars in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. 

- The Hague -
Learn Basic Reiki Technique
December 2020

Aleyda Santos

Shihan Kaku, Jikiden REIKI
Teacher & practitioner, Usui REIKI System


The Hague, Netherlands 


+31-(0)6 12 24 86 92
E-mail: info@jikidenreiki-station.com


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