“REIKI is the Secret Art of inviting happiness.
It is the miraculous medicine for all diseases.”

- Mikao Usui Sensei - 


Are you feeling stressed, burned out?

Are you looking for a therapy that helps ease chronic pain?

Do you want to improve your health? are you in a transition of your life? are you seeking inner-strength? 

No matter what is your motivation, you have come to the right place. 

Reiki is here to support you and empower you with positive energy. Aleyda offers REIKI treatments and /or the possibility of learning REIKI in The Hague. 


Aleyda Santos has 20 years of experience practising Reiki and is now specialized in

the Japanese lineage of Reiki.

She is trained in Kyoto Japan and is certified to teach the Shoden level of Jikiden Reiki.



Aleyda speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and beginner-level Dutch. Originally from Colombia, she lived and worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe as well as North and South America. 


This rich international experience combined with her colourful cultural background has given her a deep understanding of the needs for inner balance.

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Distance Healing Treatment 
4 sessions for the price of 3
1st session for free

“Aleyda is not just an excellent practitioner and teacher of Reiki but someone who lives it in profoundly.  Her knowledge is excellent and she shares it in a very positive, and easy manner.  You cannot help but enjoy time spent with her deepening your experience of Reiki.  I will be back for more! Reiki is the best way to find balance and harmony in this crazy world in which we live.” 

- Eileen -

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Aleyda Santos

Shihan Kaku, Jikiden REIKI
Teacher & practitioner, Usui REIKI System


The Hague, Netherlands 


+31-(0)6 12 24 86 92
E-mail: info@jikidenreiki-station.com


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